ISAT - Safety Culture

ISAT is a leading safety assessment tool to add to your selection, recruitment and development arsenal. With a unique methodology, the ISAT predicts the safety behaviours of individuals looking to work in, or currently working in safety critical roles. The ISAT provides a detailed, comprehensive and relevant safety profile.

Improving the safety culture of an organisation not only involves re-designing systems and changing the attitudes of individuals currently employed within organisations, but also selecting individuals into the organisation who exhibit attributes that will align with a safety culture.

Unlike other safety assessment tools, the ISAT doesn’t just assess how rule-compliant an individual is likely to be. The ISAT goes a step further to not only assess their tendency to behave in ways that will help foster safe working environments, including whether an individual is assertive enough to enforce rules and confident enough to guide others.

  • Suitable for development or selection.
  • ISAT is intended to have high face validity. Each test item is designed to directly assess what the respondent would/should do in well-defined and fairly common safety-related scenarios.
  • Is shown to make predictions about future candidate behaviours in addition to traditional assessment techniques such as personality questionnaires, attitudinal questions and cognitive ability tests.
  • Has low adverse impact.
  • Online or paper-and-pencil testing.

Sample ISAT Selection Report

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