Psychometric Assessment

Did you know that psychometric assessments provide the best prediction of job performance? They are shown to be more accurate than an interview, CV or reference check.

The predictive power of psychometric assessments add real value to selection and development processes. They can be the difference between investing in the best people, and making costly hiring mistakes.

We are proud to be the New Zealand authorised distributor of the powerful Saville Consulting suite of aptitude and behavioral assessment tools. Saville Consulting's quantum leap in psychometric science has enhanced the predictive power of personality assessments so substantially that they now rival aptitude assessments.

It is this extensive international research that really spins our wheels, and guarantees to add rigour to your HR decisions.

Development: Provide insights to motivate employees to develop weak areas and leverage strengths.

Selection: Accurately predict fit between the candidate and the job.

High Validity and Reliablity: Measure proven predictors of job performance.

Efficient: Gather more relevant information in less time.

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