Culture & Climate Analysis

Understand the factors that enhance and inhibit your employees’ performance and create a plan of action to foster a positive and productive working environment.

Organisational culture represents a common perception held by employees that gives an organisation its distinct personality. It is the unspoken values, beliefs and assumptions shared by employees.

Culture is the social glue that helps hold an organisation together by providing appropriate standards for what employees should say and do.

While culture is useful in defining the boundaries of acceptable behaviour, it can have both positive and negative outcomes.

Culture and climate can be assessed in various ways, including:

  • Survey
  • Interviews
  • Focus groups/workshops
  • Observation
  • Document analysis

To support culture analysis we have two online surveys:

Saville Consulting Culture Survey:
The workplace can be profiled according to actual culture, preferred culture, satisfaction and commitment. Similarities and differences in perceptions can be detected between teams, sites, departments, or job levels. The difference between actual culture and preferred culture acts as a stimulus for change.

Insight SRC Survey:
Utilising the power of structural equation modelling, it is possible to determine the drivers that underpin performance, motivation and wellbeing.

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