Engagement Surveys

Did you know that employee engagement accounts for up to half of an employee’s discretionary effort and two third of their intent to stay?

Happy employees are good for business – they are more committed to their work, treat customers well, are more productive, and a pleasure to work with.

Find out how engaged and enthusiastic your employees are and how this impacts on the bottom line in your organisation.

Discover valuable insights into your employees’ thoughts and feelings in areas such as:

  • Leadership
  • Communication
  • Career development
  • Work environment

Identify priorities for change. Rather than focusing on ways to lift a low score, consider what changes would have the greatest impact.

More than a measuring device - engagement doesn’t change because it has been measured.

We can facilitate the development of engagement strategy, measuring engagement, and action planning to ensure maximum return on investment.

Don’t light the fire, then run away!

Before embarking on an engagement survey, it is important to establish commitment from the leaders to act on the survey results.

The employees have taken the time to offer their thoughts and opinions and will be watching to see what changes are made as a consequence. If no action is taken, employees can be left feeling despondent and reluctant to share their perspectives in the future.

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