Insight SRC

Utilising the power of structural equation modelling, it is possible to determine the drivers underpining performance, motivation and wellbeing.

Benchmark your organisation's culture against others to clarify strengths and weaknesses.

Two key indicators that reflect how employees feel about their work:

  • Morale: the energy, enthusiasm, and pride that employees have in their work
  • Distress: the anxiety, concern, tension, and negativity that employees have about their work

Four indicators of Team Climate that drive (or cause) wellbeing, motivation, and performance:

  • Empathy: the extent to which leaders understand the needs of employees
  • Clarity: the extent to which employees have a sense of purpose and know what is expected of them
  • Engagement: the extent to which employees collaborate, share ideas and solve problems together, leading to a shared understanding and alignment of team goals
  • Learning: the extent to which employees feel their efforts are being recognised and their capability is being developed through appropriate learning and development opportunities
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