Stress & Resilience

Training can ensure your employees are ready for managing any hurdles. We offer a range of stress support services and solutions to prevent and manage stress in the workplace.

With increased pressure to achieve in an uncertain environment, it is essential to adapt quickly.

In a resilient workforce, change can be accelerated, providing competitive advantage.

  • Build awareness: People who are aware of their sources of pressure, how they are manifest, and the impact this has on themselves and others, are better equipped to manage hurdles proactively.
  • Make choices: Understand the thought processes and assumptions that are made when working under pressure. Explore the behavioural choices we can make to better manage pressure.
  • Learn techniques: Learn to apply healthy thinking techniques, such as, mindfulness, values alignment, communication, time management, and goal setting.

Build stress management and resilience through:

  • Assessment: Understand sources of pressure and how they are manifest through self-assessment or 360-assessment.
  • Coaching: One-on-one coaching is a powerful mechanism for building awareness, challenging assumptions, and exploring alternative courses of action.
  • Workshops: Tailored in-house workshops can initiate culture change, where positive attitudes and resilience is encouraged and valued. A team with a common understanding of resilience can support each other’s development.
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