Team Dynamics Workshops

At its best - a team is a powerful force in driving success for your business. At its worst - a dysfunctional team is ineffective and can be a real headache for management. 

The productivity of a team will suffer when there are conflicting goals, unclear expectations, and interpersonal issues. 

Our Team Dynamics Workshops are tailored to your needs and aim to enhance team performance by helping members to:

  • Understand team strengths and gaps, and how to utilise each other’s strengths.
  • Understand the value of personality differences and ways of accommodating these differences.
  • Establish team norms through the creation of a team charter and agreed method of keeping each other in check.
  • Create a shared vision and team strategy.
  • Establish a team meeting protocol to ensure meetings are an effective vehicle for learning, strategic planning, and addressing operational matters that require discussion.
  • Participate in outdoor team activities – having fun as a team and experiencing teamwork in a different context.
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