Aptitude Assessments

Aptitude assessments provide a quick measure of a candidate’s ability in relevant areas such as verbal, numerical, abstract and diagrammatic reasoning. Saville Consulting present a new range of contemporary aptitude assessments consisting of three ranges:

  • Analysis Aptitude Range: verbal, numerical and diagrammatic tests for high level roles.
  • Comprehension Aptitude Range: verbal, numerical and error checking tests for general level roles.
  • Technical Aptitude Range: spatial, mechanical, and diagrammatic tests for practical roles.

The assessments are available in a Swift version, or an in-depth version. Swift assessments combine three short sub-tests - most of which can be completed within 20 minutes.

Each assessment can be conducted in a supervised environment (supervised access), or an unsupervised environment (invited access).

These transform the experience for both the test user and candidate, by offering:

  • Shorter assessment times
  • Fresh, modern content and design
  • Greater job relevance
  • Clear instructions
  • New, in-depth outputs
  • Candidate friendly feedback

PeopleCentric’s experienced team can help you select which Saville Consulting assessment is best suited to your needs.

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