Wave Features and Benefits

Advanced scoring technology: Shorter assessment times, greater accuracy and finely tuned measurement.

Dimensions selected for the best workplace validity from extensive, international research: Enhanced measurement of job performance enabling more precise and confident decision making.

High scores relate to high performance: Easier to interpret than traditional bipolar scales that require guesswork to identify ideal scores.

New dimensions maximising the prediction of work competencies: Relevant to a wider range of roles and sectors.

Configurable  -"Colossus" is a Saville Consulting bank of over 5,000 items: Tailored versions are available, developed around in-house competency frameworks and language.

Dual response style, both ipsative and normative: Ability to hone in on specific scales where a candidate may have exaggerated or been overly self-critical.

Multi-lingual versions: Global assessment in local language.

Predictions of cultural enhancers and inhibitors: Cost effective, well matched selection with higher retention rates.

Exploration of the complex interaction between talents and motives: Identifies unfulfilled motives and latent talents, which adds insight to feedback and development planning.

Dynamic question format that hones in on the fine distinctions and subtleties of each individual: Measures 36 dimensions with each dimension comprising three sub aspects - Comprehensive, offering the flexibility to work at summary level or to drill down and explore specific areas.

One assessment model: Offers the capacity to link people and their workplace culture, with the confidence of supporting validation.

Two on-line versions are available: Invited access and supervised access. A hard copy supervised version is also available. Flexible and unsupervised administration for screening/development but with the backup of secure versions at the final selection stage.

Aptitude Assessment Features and Benefits

Saville Consulting presents a new range of contemporary aptitude tests that transform the aptitude assessment process for both the test user and the candidate as they offer:

  • Shorter assessment times
  • Fresh, modern content and design
  • Greater job relevance
  • Clear instructions
  • New, in-depth outputs
  • Candidate friendly feedback

Saville Consulting has moved beyond a single summary measure of overall test performance and now provides supplementary information on Test Taking Style in terms of Accuracy, Speed and Caution as well as sub-scores based on question formats.

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