Personality Behavioural Style

The most powerful personality questionnaire for predicting performance and potential.

Saville Consulting Wave® is the most significant advancement in assessment in 30 years. Developed by Professor Peter Saville and his team of leading psychometricians, Wave® assesses more than personality by incorporating measures of motivation, self-efficacy and culture. Wave® is a self-report, multi-dimensional assessment, which firmly links psychometric scales to work-related competencies and behaviour.

  • Better prediction: Leveraging Saville Consulting’s extensive validation research, the Wave Behavioural Styles assessments measure job performance with exceptional accuracy.
  • Greater precision: The highly transparent reports drill down to 36 dimensions and 108 behavioural facets to maximise understanding of an individuals working preferences.
  • Work-relevant: Utilising work-relevant language, the Wave reflects relevant behaviours important in the workplace, such as: networking, motivating others, analysing information, and building rapport.
  • Culture fit: Understand the fit between an individual and the workplace environment.
  • Motivation-talent: Gain insight into what an individual is good at and what they are motivated to do.
  • Dual response scale: The dynamic normative and ipsative format provides transparency and the ability to hone in on specific scales where a respondent may have exaggerated or been self-critical.
  • Additional reports: Numerous reports can be generated from one Wave Behavioural Styles assessment.

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