Wave Performance 360

Individual Feedback Delivered in the Most Powerful Way

The Wave® Performance 360 online assessment enables a range of relevant individuals to rate a colleague’s performance at work. How an individual perceives themselves and how this compares to other people’s perceptions of them is a powerful feedback tool.

Wave® Performance 360 provides a unique report where the dual reporting lets the individual being assessed understand on one profile exactly how they were rated, how they perceive their own performance, and how their performance benchmarks externally.

The report combines quantitative rating scales with qualitative comment. All raters have the option of contributing narrative text on areas they think the individual does well, could do less of, and could improve on.

This powerful 360 can be used on its own or in conjunction with Saville Consulting Wave® Styles. When used in combination it can help individuals understand the gaps between their performance and potential as a platform for utilising unused potential and realising critical areas of potential.

Wave Performance 360 Report

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